On the finished active part, the assembled cover is screwed with bushings and everything is interconnected.

Fig. 1. The wires must first be cleaned of paint and roughened before connection

Fig. 2. The bushings, tap changer and coils are then connected

This prepared active part is then placed in a tank and is ready to be filled with oil under vacuum and subsequently hermetically sealed.

Fig. 3. Before filling with clean and degassed oil, the entire inside of the transformer must be removed of residual moisture. The whole process is carried out under vacuum.

Fig. 4. Transformers are placed under the bell under which the vacuum is created and connected by pipelines to the oil management. We will lower the bell and begin filling.

Fig. 5. A quick peak inside with the bell closed

Fig. 6. Test of the parameters and the product can be delivered to the customer.

Fig. 7. Without the birth certificate (Test report) it wouldn’t work any other way

Fig. 8. Finished products ready for dispatch to customers

Fig. 9. One more detail to say goodbye